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Quetes de raid T1

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Quetes de raid T1

Message par Swaraj le Sam 29 Mar - 14:21

Quest 1:
Vistrix Bane

This quest is received from Kurtz Mandros (284,266) found just north of the zone entrance in Atzel’s. Basically, he will send you to go find a mysterious cave (The Lair) and when you return he gives you a second part. You need to find four stones hidden within Vistrix’s Lair. There are two on the left side of the zone and two to the right. Once you have all four then you will turn them in to Kurtz and get the Vistrix Bane item. It is on a 10 minute timer and when used it makes the person you cast it on immune to Tartarous Vapors (which is Vistrix’s fire) for a short time.

Vistrix can definitely be defeated without this item. However, having Vistrix’s Bane to use on your tank makes the fight smoother than Angelina Jolie’s newly oiled bottom.

Quest 2:
Black Dragon Cloak
This one is straight forward. King Conan will give you a “final” task to prove your worthiness to join the elite Black Dragons. Once you kill Vistrix go back to him and receive your reward.

Quest 3:
Vistrix Crown
Kurtz Mandros (284,266) gives you this quest. After you have killed Vistrix everyone who has this quest can grab Vistrix’s crown from the chest and turn it into Kurtz for a little silver. Unfortunately, Funcom has not put in an item reward for this achievement.

Quest 4:
Vistrix’s Tooth

Once Vistrix is dead, a totem will appear in the front of the cave where you fight him. Each person can take a turn clicking on this totem and getting a tooth. Take the tooth back to a Char in Kheshetta City and you will start on a series of quests that will keep you on the move for a while.

Tip: set your bind point in Kheshetta, as you will be returning many times.

When you are all done you should have 9 quests (Tier 2 and Tier 3) for Black Ring Citadel.

Welcome to Tier 2 raiding!!

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